About Blue Line

What is the blue line?

The Thin Blue Line, or TBL is a symbol adopted by law enforcement that signifies their role in society.  Typically it is a royal blue stripe with a black stripe above and below it.  The blue represents the police, and its position on the design demonstrates how there is often only a thin blue line separating good from evil, or chaos from order.

To the police, the TBL represents comradery, brotherhood and the desire to do what others can’t or won’t.

Who is Blue Line Customs?

Blue Line Customs was founded by two active duty law enforcement officers in southeast MI.  Our goal is simple- provide high quality apparel at fair prices.  We offer a line of unique TBL themed shirts and are able to produce runs of custom orders to your specifications.  Tell us what you have in mind and we make it happen.

We can also outfit your adult and youth sports teams, charity races, car shows and anything else you want a shirt for.